ZenHorn u

ZenHorn u

手機陶瓷揚聲器   for most smartphones


ZenHorn u is a passive ceramic amplifier compatible with almost any smart phone. Simply place your phone into the slot of this artistic ceramic phone stand to amplify the sound. The perfect crystal-clear sound is produced by an exquisitely-created resonance inside the porcelain chamber. What’s more, your phone can get recharged while delivering the delightful melodies.


ZenHorn u 可適用於大部份的智慧型手機,只需將手機簡單的擺放,透過精心設計的號角形狀自然特性,不須額外的電力或喇叭元件即可將音量放大、創造自然動聽的回聲效果。此外,在享受樂音的同時也能將手機進行充電,兼具實用與觀賞功能。


材質 / Material

瓷器 / Porcelain


尺寸 / Size

L 22.5 x W12.2 x H 10.2 cm


Culture Creative/文創商品